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Audit US trademarks against USPTO records.

With side by side comparison, you can audit and correct inaccuracies.  

A laptop open to BrandScope's audit page sites on a table near a plant and a mug filled with pencils. The left side of the screen shows data stored in BrandScope, and the right side of the audit screen shows data pulled directly from the USPTO.
BrandScope's intuitive features make it a very user-friendly program to quickly organize and maintain all of our trademark information. I started with very basic knowlege of what I needed to do with handling our trademark database. Within a few hours of training, everything easily fell in place.
Beth Titus
Promega Corporation

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One place to store all trademark data. Find trademark records instantly.  
Store key documents for reliable access.

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Direct access to USPTO trademark data:

  • Allows you to import automatically, no manual entry needed.  
  • Receive notifications of status changes. 
  • Audit portfolio data against USPTO data to correct in accuracies.  

Outlined world map in black and white

International Filings

  • Record data for all your foreign filings.
  • Save all registration certificates and other documents for easy retrieval. 
  • Maintain Madrid filing relationships.

A date on a paper calendar is circled with red pen and has the word "Deadline!" written on it


  • See all your deadlines at a glance
  • Set up your own daily / weekly / monthly email tickler system

Clip art of hands creating a report with graphs

Custom Reports

  • Create a custom report that is easy to share with others.
  • See deadlines by time periods you set.